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We provide our clients the objective advice and personalized attention that you should expect from a smaller, independent firm. Our clients also receive the benefits of working with a major firm. Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., our Broker/Dealer, is one of the largest independent Broker/Dealers in the country.

We get to know our clients’ goals, hopes, and aspirations and establish their investment objectives, income needs, and risk tolerance. We then match this information with solutions to help the client accumulate or distribute wealth, save for education or a special occasion, generate retirement income, or any other life stage event. Solutions can include mutual funds, ETFs, alternative investments, fixed or variable annuities, life or disability insurance, or professionally managed accounts with some of the largest portfolio managers in the industry at much lower minimums than usually required. We will review this strategy regularly and discuss it with you to ensure your financial objectives are being met and your situation has not changed. We will constantly communicate with you to manage expectations and discuss market conditions.

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